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Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Specific MicrocurrentFrequency Specific  Microcurrent Treatment at Muscleworx Kilcoole

What is Frequency Specific Microcurrent? FSM is a very faint electric current that is so small it is measured in millionths of an amp (microamps). While by comparison a TENS unit and most other electro-therapy devices produce currents that are 1000 times greater (milliamps). Human cells generate a current that is in the microamp range which is why you can’t feel it – the current is so low it doesn’t stimulate the sensory nerves. Microcurrent therapy has been in use for over 20 years.

Microcurrent1How does it work ?

Microcurrent is a physiological electric modality that increases  ATP (energy) production in the cells in your body. Microcurrent increases this production by up to 500% there is no other treatment that can do this .it also increases protein synthesis & waste removal for the effected area.This dramatically increases the tissues healing rate . Scar tissue in muscle & skin can be softened ,trigger points become less pain full ,nerve pain can be eliminated,swelling & bruising can be dissipated .inflammation can be brought down .used as a post operative treatment can greatly increase recovery time helping to heal while no other treatment can take place.

Frequency specific microcurrent can help change & heal a variety of conditions & tissues ,change pain & function in a large number of clinical conditions. FSM is very effective in  treating Nerve & Muscular pain , Inflammation , Scar tissue , Disc mediated pain, Tendinitis,  Ligament injuries, Shingles virus.


fsm ankle

Shingles responds very well to only one frequency combination that eliminates the pain in 20 minutes & causes the lesions to dry up & disappear in approx 2 /3 days dramatically shortening the course of the virus .if caught before blisters break out can prevent the full blown virus in one 2 hour treatment.

It has been observed that people who are treated within four hours  of a new injury  including sports injuries, auto accidents , Ankle sprains have much reduced pain & greatly accelerated healing . healing ,pain relief &  recovery are still increased even if not treated within the 4 hours.

Do the benefits last?

every patient responds differently to microcurrent ,but the changes to muscle seem to be long lasting. 60 to 80% of the changes created in one treatment last until the  next treatment,about four to seven days .your muscles are used to being the the way they are & can return to there old configuration if not treated again.some patients get permanent changes in one treatment ,the number of treatments depends on the severity of the problem long standing issues have taken time to get to where they are now & may take time to leave.

Side effects & risks?

their is no record of any permanent harm being done to anybody treated with FSM. FSM cannot be on people with pacemakers or during pregnancy.

FSM appears to change the muscle tissue, removing stored waste products & increasing cellular metabolism so quickly there may be a detoxification effect after treatment. the side effects can include nausea,fatigue,drowsiness,or a temporary increase in pain or flu like feeling .these side effects are temporary no longer than 24 hrs .most experience no side effects other than good ones. the patient will have to be well hydrated before & after treatment ,a minimum of 2 liters of pure water before treatment & the same after treatment to assist the body with detox reaction.

nutritional support may help back up the treatment ,a good quality multivitamin along with a good healthy balanced diet & plenty of water is generally enough .but taking certain vitamins & minerals may be advised.

At Muscleworx clinic we provide specific microcurrent Treatment and hands on treatment for all sports, work, postural & accident related injuries.

Treatment is by appointment only click here for the booking form. You can also contact Mark Mc Cormick at 0862783627 or email Mark at