Headaches & TMJ Dysfunction

Temperomandibular joint dysfunction 

symptoms of TMJ dysfunction include headaches, eyepain ,ear ache,vertigo,dizziness,neck tmj dysfunctionpain,toothache with no signs damage or infection,sore temples,tinnitus,sore cheeks.


the tempromandibular joint is one of the most over used joints in the body used in opening & closing the jaw.there are four major muscles associated with controlling movement within the joint

the masseter ,medial pterygoin ,lateral pterygoid & the temporalis muscles.these muscles allow a healthy temporomandibular joint to move back & forward open & close & side to side however

in dysfunctional joints the movement or range of motion can be severely restricted

the treatment for TMJ dysfunction involves treating the neck ,throat,jaw,mouth,& cranium in order to release tension through out the whole area . the muscles involved in TMJ dysfunctions are well known to house trigger points which can give symptoms listed above ,releasing these areas  usually gives good resolution of pain


Head aches & migraines  can cause alot of misery & diruption to peoples lives. they can literally be a pain in the neck!

trigger points in the neck & shoulder muscles can cause pain referal to other areas in the body .the main muscles being the sternocleidomastoid & the trapezius  .pain sensation can be felt behind the

ear & along the forehead .trigger point deactivation in these areas can ease and eradicate pain


trigger point referral patterns sternocleidomastoid

trigger point referral patterns sternocleidomastoid




trigger point referral from trapezius

trigger point referral from trapezius